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The blanket statement of F2P won't save Jung ma is accurate because
F2P people by definition are not hardcore, therefore they won't log on regularly to do RP, PvP, or RP/PvP.
So the core base of the server will not be improved by F2P.
And to think that new ungeared and unskilled F2P people will help PvP is exceptionally unlikely.
Most will get Curbstomped, complain about gear, then sit in pve ques till they get bored and quit the game.
So ya most of us have seen this happen and know F2P will not help Jung ma .
I think we have two different concepts of the status of Jung Ma. You are presuming that I feel Jung Ma needs to be saved. The entire title (need I keep reminding people here) is, “People who are happy with Jung Ma". In its implication, happy people are excited for F2P because casual F2P players only mean the possibility of more people coming to Jung Ma. Remember, we are currently happy with the status of Jung Ma; its population, its designation, etc. If one person joins Jung Ma because of F2P, that will only increase our happiness.

You believe that Jung Ma requires saving and based on your initial platform and your assumptions about F2P's pull on gamers, F2P won't improve anything. Our initial positions differ, so there is likely no chance that we will resolve any differing opinions. Your experiences (and the experiences of “most of us”, whoever that is) may be valid (I'm not asking for a past MMO history where you've found F2P to not help population), but based on my experiences of the LOTRO population (a fairly successful example of the F2P strategy in action), many RPers ARE F2P regulars... because RP doesn't cost currency, there are no restrictions on how long one can RP (versus the limitations SWTOR will place on PvP, PvE, etc.).

I also disagree about the curbstomping comment. Sub 50 PvP has very little basis on the gap between PvP gear sets that we experience at level 50. Additionally, you have guilds like <Esoteric Order> doing a free gear event for new players to even help with new, casual F2P players finding a community. I think Jung Ma actually has a lot to offer the F2P player.

It's a shame that you feel that Jung Ma is in such a state of disarray that you feel like nothing will help.

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