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I loved the IA story over all. I've always tried to ignore the DS/LS options and make choices depending on the situation. Having said that, I started off as kind of a dick-head and killed people and just general douchebaggery. I mean......I was the black-hooded figure of the government. I was often self-serving and unecessarily violent. Morality can go to heck. It wasn't until after I met Darth Jadus, the multitude of corrupt Sith, and the choices brought to me at the end of Chapter 1, that I decided the Empire does not need more *******es when there's a whole council of them lounging at it's helm.

From that point on I strived to be a respectful yet lethal and effective lawman. I would execute only when, as an Imperial Agent, I felt it was necessary for the safety of all. Everyone else was thrown into the slammer or brought before Imperial Intelligence. No undue violence. No gloating. No accepting gifts or payments. The opportunity to serve the Empire and it's citizens is the true reward! My conversation choices were never happy go lucky nor sadistic. I ended up walking the fine gray line of neutrality, with light-sided tendencies.

In the end, no one will ever know of my involvement in saving the galaxy.......and that's just the way I like it.

PS: **** the Sith.
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