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11.14.2012 , 12:29 PM | #1
So perhaps its just hopeless but I'm looking for a guild on Pot5 that does PVE casually and refrains from racial epithets, slurs, and homophobic speech.

To elaborate, I was an officer in a WoW guild for many years and we raided relatively hardcore. I have no intentions of going back to that which is why I say "casual". I hesitate to commit at all, but could probably commit a night/day a week to something. I've always loved PVE and that's ultimately why I play but SM EV and KP are getting boring.

On the other point we had a zero tolerance policy towards any hateful or bigoted chat whether it be in Mumble or in /g and I just can't be in a guild that throws around racial slurs without care anymore. Maybe I'm a prude, but there is a way to be humorous and have fun without having to shout "the n-word" or "the f-word".

Actually I still pay for the forums and the Mumble server if someone wanted to set something up from scratch I could provide those resources.