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Hi, names Sene. I`m doing lots of PvP on ToFN server, i`m healing and killing.
Below`s gona be some videos from my point of view.

About the videos: i`m posting on tube an unedited videos of wzs i`m at. There is nothing cut, if there is then then either i forgot to switch the rec button on or i crashed in process (very rare). About the music in videos: if there is music then either i was listening radio or it was playing in bgs. Watch in HD.

The first is the rage jug video. What`s inside: skillz, very fast gameplay, lots of camera turnings (sry, thats how i play), massacre, vicious acid pool, one sided huttball. Why watch dat: full potential and all the power of the rage spec unleashed, lots of buttons involved.

Second vids of the healing sorcerer. Whats inside: 1 video is voidstar when i struggle to survive and reanimate allyes. We lost and it was a very enjoyable match. 2 is voidstar with nice music and some fine moments. 3 is hutball with more struggle. 4 is alderaan. All the games implements medium pace, lots of running, maneuvers and healz, its not about how to heal yet how to survive Why watch: survival lessons, lots of buttons, sexy character.

Third is tank hybrid jug Whats inside: huttball with game changing turns 2 times. Jug is immortal/vengence hybrid with DD oriented, optimised gear. Why watch: if ure a tank and just bought wh war leader set.

Last vid is a fun one playing sorc hybrid lightning/madness Whats inside: knowledge! The hybrid spec skillz is not how u dps or whatever, yet how u use everything it has. And it has it all, offense, defense, utility, cc, damage, unlimited force pool, survivability, but the most thing is - its a really fun fast paced spec. Fun music implemented. Sorc in a bm set, not optimised and w\o augments. Disconnected in the rec process so video not full. Why watch: for fun.

Also Vids:
Rage Juggernaut:
Healing Sorcerer
Tank Hybrid Juggernaut