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As far as I know none of the other guilds on The Shadowlands (TGO, SDU, etc) will be participating in the OP's thread as the rankings system the OP is using is murky, convoluted and not a true reflection of progression by any means.

We do hope that Dominus continues to maintain his spreadsheet which is clear and concise in it's ranking and a true reflection of these so-called "world rankings" which seem to be the only think fostering competition in this game any longer.

Shadow Dragon Universe will be participating in this as well.

I could not stress enough how we (SDU) would like to make sure this has more to do with 16 Man progression, linear of course, and excluding 8-Mans. Basically the feeling across the board.

We also agree in seeing Dominus make an attempt in doing his own progession chart as well. Good luck to Stoic and TGO on Shadowlands.
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