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Would also suggest speccing Engineering. Its such a powerfull build for 1 vs 1, and the extra stun from plasma probe is really good and a great utility tool aswell objective wise. The extra shield probe, when you get your gear, will absorb dmg for almost 3k dmg, thats 6k when you pop both.

Ofc, as long as you are in recruit things are different. When you get your gear, engineer sniper becomes one of the most annoying classes to deal with.
Played a rated game yesterday vs one of the normally really strong guilds on ToFN, took 450k dmg in 3/4 of a voidstar, more than any other on my team, simply because other team knows they cant cap whilst im alive. Not a fun game for me, i died constantly, but i provided a tool that gave my team the edge.

Burst wise we are a little limited since we relly heavily on explosive probe which has a 30 sec CD.
Engineer sniper is by far my favorite toon, and can only suggest you give a real try before you dismiss it
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