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I lasted a good two minutes against a fairly good mara yesterday on my sage in 1280'ish expertise. Now someone might wonder why it lasted two minutes. It lasted that long because I was marked and the mara had a healer. I didn't want to leave the objective so I ran around in an attempt to interrupt or damage someone els on the node.

Anyhow, the point is that survivabiliy on sorc/sage is good IF, BIG IF, you spend 17 points on a hybrid. And that is the crappy part. Without those 17 points, points that could have gone into dps/heal abilties, we're silly squishy. I don't play other classes at 50 but does any other class have to sacrificethat many points just to be "ok"? I'm not talking about sacrificing points just to become OP. No, points just to get by.
I actually do more damage in my PvE spec and PvE set than I do in PvP spec/set but I also die much faster if someone catches me.

Hence, the survivability stuff we take in the tele/lightning tree, except for perhaps bubble stun, should have been core abilties.
I have a full healing sorc, with 32 points in the healing tree, and yeah survivability is an an issue sometimes. Now if there's just one enemy on me I can survive a good while, by bubbling and healing through their damage as well as forcing them to chase me. Unless they are the derpsweep/smashers that warzones has become infested with. Since I'm not a hyrbrid though so I have to rely on my teammates to keep me alive and am always improving on staying as unnoticeable as possible by the enemy. I actually see quite a few sages/sorcs with the AOE heal, meaning there are a bunch of others who decided to take the same route as me instead of hybridizing. The full healing tree could use a buff so people wouldn't have to commit points to the middle tree in an effort to stay alive and do their job (healing) longer.