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Just to point out the way big business seems to work, and this is no way meant to be having a pop at you, UniverseSong:

Companies do listen to people like the OP over those of you that have never left because you have shown that you are happy to keep paying for the service offered in its current state. You have shown that you are happy to accept the current situation and all that that entails.

The OP and people like him, including myself, have shown that we are not. That EA Bioware must do better in order to get our money and that if they want to keep getting it, they need to do better. You are a safe bet, money in the bank. We are not.

Again this is no reflection on you and others like you. But this is simply how certain businesses view their customers. You see it time and time again with things like mobile phone and internet providers. There's constantly amazing new deals, but only for new customers. Existing customers can go swing until they decide to kick up a stink themselves.
This is very much the case. Put your money where your mouth is so to speak.