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Stealth is a hard counter to snipers, how are you 3 so bad you got owned by one sniper. Did none of you have your cc break or def cds up at all? That's the only way I could possibly see him win.
I don't know I don't have much trouble with stealthers on my gunslinger. I don't know about you but I don't waste my stun breaker on roots and I'm a deception assassin which means I can't cleanse roots with shroud. Can't really say how good the other 2 are since we just met in that wz. They were marauders so I'm guessing they were bad FOTMers. We got completely destroyed though because the sniper was a part of a 4-man WH/EWH premade and they just overgeared and outplayed us so none of us really put up amazing numbers. It's not a far stretch to say that the premade had almost as much hp as our entire team combined.

Also force shroud lasts 3 secs so it's kind of hard to time in when he will stun and the other defensive cooldown didn't seem to do make him miss much. Besides he threw a flashbang once I popped it and proceeded to kill the second one. When the mez wore off I had the explosive probe on me and he was channeling that attack with a knockback if specced. Force sped to him and was stabbed in the back which I broke. He was hunkering down so I couldn't stun him and being 50% hp already I barely managed to make a dent on his health pool before sending me to the spawn.

So far it's the only sniper/gunslinger that has been able to overpower me so completely that I couldn't dish out more than 2 attacks before being pushed and rooted out of range.