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11.14.2012 , 09:24 AM | #16
To Dark Jesters - Love seeing Kyarra and Deebs and the rest on my side when I zone in. It gets painful when it is the other way around.

To Wanted - Still around since Thana Vesh. And still a thorn in my side even as an Imp instead of a Rep.

To the old Thana Vesh Republic groups - Like seeing Krath and Forrester and Hennessey and others from back in the day.

To WOOK - Don't hear much bragging or anything from your guild, but you are consistently well coordinated and tough whenever I see you.

To the Shifted PvP crew - Someday we'll last more than a few minutes in ranked. Someday.

To everyone else who may have seen me in the early days of the game - I was never a good PvP'er until this game. I learned a lot from the people back on TV when the game started and learned more since the queues have picked up after the merges. Thanks.

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