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Sabrina located, a nearby swoop gang. It`s leader was a roddian. While the slicer kept watch, her and the agent approached them. Couple of the gang, eyed sabrina up as she apporached. Is that pip squeak, your boyfriend. Sabrina always disliked, unreifined approaches. So she decide to get this over with, as quickly as possible. She waved her hand in front of them, and saidYou will do as, I say understood! The gang looked at each other, and laughed. Ha, we are not weak. Sith scum, Kill her! The rodian shouted, sabrina quickly lite her lightsaber. She force to parry, four of the blaster shot`s. The number five got through, and stuck her in the leg. As shot stuck, on her inner thigh. She let out an almighty, ARRGHHHHH Which, turned two gang member`s brains into soup. She then saw the, other three running. The agent took one down, with his blaster. It was clean shot, stright to back of his head. Sabrina used the force, to pick one of them up. Then throw him into, the rodian knocking them both down. They turned to fire on them, the agent manged to dive out the way. Sabrina manged block both shot`s, then used force crush. On the end of , the blaster barrel. Making it back fire, blowing the rodian arm off. Also the other, died instantly with shrapnal, striking him in the head. Sabrina slowly limped, over to the rodian. Then said It`s alway impolite, to diobey a sith. Then force choked him, to death. The agent quickly, got sabrina out of their. Before the local secruity could, get their and find they where involded.

As they got back to, their hotel. Sabrina endured the pain. So she could walk, without a limp. She got back to the room, the agent had treat her wound. Fortunalty the heat of the blast, courtrised it. Which meant she was not, bleeding. He gave her an ice pack, to cool down the shot. Then they started to try think of, a plan b. The slicer made sure no, new they where invold. Sabrina was worried, that some mear swoop gang. Could resit the force, was playing on her mind. She need some tatics, to do her mission