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11.14.2012 , 08:17 AM | #16
Don't know...
I am using Black Talon chest and i had a helm reward on Taris i believe. The helmet sort also drops in Boarding party it hink. With the matching gear colours my Hunter's gear looks all blue and white. More Mando than this i havent found...

All the other gears with the weird mustard colour or the crappy green... *shudder*
I'd really like to see proper mandolorian gear like you had in KOTOR. Bendak Starkiller was about the first one with that type of armor and later on Dxun. But in Kotor you had ALOT of good looking heavy armors which i really wouldnt mind seeing a bit brushed up in swtor. so many armors have all sorts of weird crap on it now =/