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Hello everyone. This is not something I typically do but I resubbed last month after taking a couple of months off (financial reasons, I still love the game) and I've noticed it gets quite lonely when you have no one to talk to while you're playing. What I'm looking for is relatively simple. I'm looking for a mature guild, (I'm 27. Not looking for a bunch of teenagers to hang with. Got no problems with racy or mature chat but I'd prefer not to be subjected to happy hour on Xbox Live.) preferably with a sister guild on the opposing faction.

I have currently four 50s: A vengeance-specced Juggernaut, a Concealment Operative (my primary PvP toon when I was still active. Yes, I am a masochist PvPing as Concealment.), an Arsenal Commando, and a Balance Shadow with one of each of the other ACs (PTech, Sorc, Slinger, and Sentinel) at 11 (can't decide which one to level next) I'm mainly looking for people to shoot the breeze with while online, with occasional FPs, WZs, dailies, and planetary heroics thrown into the mix. OPs are not in the cards, primarily due to my antiquated computer but I could probably do one here and there.

It's probably best to contact me here on the forums as I do a lot of toon-hopping while I'm in-game. Thanks and I hope to hear from yall soon.
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