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11.14.2012 , 08:01 AM | #15

Sage'Optimus: Most dedicated sage hunter on the server? You will not play objectives if a healer is within 40m of you, all you see is Therese dying and a smile on your face, even if it takes you 5-6 minutes to do it.

Zuz: ^^^

Kiyara: You're impossible to kill. Dumb bubble shield/root push combo.

Skillex: I seriously hate your guts. But in a respectful kinda way. This year's "Hard on for a Healer" award goes to ... SKILLEX! :P

Whoever that BH is that always runs with Skillex. That guy makes me Hulk smash my keys.


Eavn: Always nice to watch you unpack *** whippings on people.

Phalanx: Because he has a strong back, and often carries me. Never complains, just does what needs to be done.

Raa: Such a great healer. Love playing with this cat. Oh, and if you need a 27 hilt, armoring, mod, barrel, or enhancement... Look for him spamming in /trade or /general. Lawl.

Sampson: WB. Thanks for trying to kill me on Therese a few times in the WZ we played against each other in the other day. Was nice to feel the panic that I've heard so much about from others ... "OH SHHHHH... It's Sampson!"

Of course my ROTJ fellas.
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