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11.14.2012 , 07:58 AM | #31

any type of pvp gear reward that doesnt require any SKILL whatsoever is bad....

you dont need a dont need ANYTHING, all you need its to play...a BOT can get full pvp gear, how does that make any sense?God bless rating sistes and rating requirements on pvp...rewarding who DESERVES to be rewarded...not who plays the most...

then again..between 2 bad sistems at least the GRINDING one you ahve now requires you to play and actualy try to win to make the grind shorter...nack then you only had to open bags you are telling me that a pvp gear loterry is better then a pvp gear grind?! (when both are terrible to be i said pvp gear should be rewarded upon least the top tier..its not elitism, this happens in EVERY aspect of life..