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Then everyone should get god mode, cloak of pain style buff and insta stealth(ops can get two now!) with increased movement speed. Almost got that commando down? NOPE he popped god mode and vanished and healed himself back up. Sounds balanced to me.
You misunderstand the point. Melee naturally get more cooldowns because they are obvious and can only attack at 4 metres. They are generally noticed and attacked first because to hit you they must be in your face. Ranged dps need less cooldowns, partly because they can do damage at 30-35 metres, partly because they are less noticeable, and partly because they can kite and still do moderate damage.

Please note that marauders can't cloak away and heal. Healing for a marauder is only possible in annihliation spec (excludes rage and carnage) and can only occur if dots are up (so limited if running away). Assuming he is attacking you, the maximum healed will be 18% with full dot stacks, so not really healing himself back up.
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