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im a sorceror and as a person who can kite real good and do best damage out of all the sorcs in every match and can out damage any maurader i must say this in your a sorcerer i have a harder time killing an assasssin than i do killing a maurader. and mauraders usually dont kill me. i see thier defensive crap and i punch the floor and run away simple easy done. shut up about the game being unbalanced cuz its not im not even full WH yet and ive dropped full WH vanguards. and u know sorcs we die very fast. even with the heal and the bubble. we die fast. so with my statement made, in conclusion as a class who dies very fast unless un know how to kite. assassins are actually better than mauraders. also alot of people and i mean ALOT of people are dumb and cant pvp. u have to remember and think rl hard bout this one. Ill even make a new paragraph so u can read it multiple times.

Think of all the times u tryed to kill a maurader and he didnt die. theres other reasons too A he can be guarded or healed or even both. and nobody who plays this game knows how to kill the healers first and almost every tank dont use guard in pvp they try to kill and get damage and fail and get told they're noobs. so remember that next time u qq and rage about op classes. Its not biowares fault ppl are too dumb to look thru thier abiliys know em and also try to learn the other classes too so u can pop things at the right time which is obviously what these maurders are doing. personally i was pissed that chain lightning got nerfed from wrath but u dont see me whining. i got an xtra heal now. and still do good.

ALSO everyone complains about a dying game when world pvp is non existant because they nerfed merc comms out completely. WHY WORLD PVP WHEN U GET NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Show me a video of you beating a similarly geared mara or you're lying or a mara player.
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