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thanks for a really great read mate - I truly enjoyd it!

As for the below quote, it really had me cracked up, couldn't agree with you more - I do love red crystals.
Important note

Donít use lightsaber crystals with black cores. They arenít canon (no I donít care about the darksaber) and look stupid and ugly and Iíll tunnel vision you in warzones if that happens then may god have mercy on your soul :B
I have, untill recently - been running all out darkness, as I was under the assumption that this may be the best way to solo, however what you said regarding 23/1/7 woke my interest, even though I play mainly PVE. However stupid my question may be I hope you will find the time to give it a quick and short answer.

Q.: could you please give me a fast breakdown on priorities for what stats go for. You do write about it, but my head was spinning in the end, and I truly don't get it.
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