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I'm going to have to disagree with you OP.

The old system was confusing, with too many different types of commendations for too many disparate things. The RNG was terrible, I NEVER got a piece of gear from a bag.

let me say that again


The current system is too grindy, but it is superior to the broken bag system hands down.
for most classes u need 8-10 more pieces of armor to min max the sets + some L26-27 armorings. Those pieces are 2000-2250 RWZ comms each
takes longer tbh and if u have more than 1 L50 to pvp,...well
Bw in fact added more time for the lolgrinding after 1.2 and reduced the amount of credits u get from wz's
and if u want to use the new EliteWarHero mods and enhas...well just do the maths each piece is 5450 RWZ comms.
Nice, isn't....

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