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Quote: Originally Posted by Loladarulz View Post
Real fight example:

My Mara Focus build: Leap 1700 Smash 5+k (stunned/knocbacked now/rooted) wait - receive dmg like a champ - or if just knockbacked zealous leap back for 2k dmg, hit filler 500-1200 dmg, hit smth else 1-2k + some other attack 1k-2k = cca 11-12k dmg avg. Try to smash again. Everyone shoot stuff in me now since I jumped in melee range, If no cds I'm dead in 2 seconds. Pop cds - if survive - repeat and kill target (if they have no healer or run away or they dont have stealth). Otherwise walk/jump to other target.

My brother with his sorc from 30 m range: zip 1k shhh3-4k smash bomp 2k zip 1k 2k 1k 3-4k 2k 1k 2k = 11-12k at the same time or even faster, he was never hit, oponnents hardly noticee him in the fight from distance. If he got hit or jumped upon/focused, he knockbacks oponnent, bubble himself, force speed run - repisition and again zip 1k smash 2k bump 3k etc 2k 1k ... lalalala. Melts ppl no problem, but you will not see shiny 5k + numbers.

Nerf maras defensive cds and class will lose everything, not defense, but dps will be reduced heavily because dead mara = 0 dps.
Then everyone should get god mode, cloak of pain style buff and insta stealth(ops can get two now!) with increased movement speed. Almost got that commando down? NOPE he popped god mode and vanished and healed himself back up. Sounds balanced to me.