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JTL why did I have to see this thread. First day it was out I ran to the flight trainer in Bestine and signed up for the "Storm Squad". Little did I know what I was in for. I had just signed up for the hardest space line in the game. Any Stormers here remember the 2hr. escort missions where you got pounded? I remember when you had to kill the corvette in Kessel when it was still a PvP zone. ( you were auto declared when you went there like deep space) How about the year long re-e projects or the freelancers that camped the deep space spawn point and hit EP3 as you spawned . Ahh... JTL, re-eing that special reactor so you could run RO4, EO4 and WO4. The Jedi ship craze when you could have a 1v1 that lasted so long you would get a tell "lets call this a draw". The space community banned the jedi ship from pvp and we all stuck to it. We had large space events. Deep space where you could become a faction hero or a celebrated enemy. I remember talking a fresh enemy player back to DS by telling him I would unload my guns come back and get some practice. That was the pilot community in JTL.
We had fun /;wipesEyes.
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