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Sorry to inform you but those are opinions of 2,2+m that left the game. Many of them were PvPers that laughed at what BW was doing.

We knew BW balances the game by "bad" factor back in Jan, what we didnt know then is that they would be dumb enough to continue it over teh stellar results and "awesome" game noone wants to play.
How "many" exactly were PvPers? How "many" were entitled, immature brats (who are usually the most apparent and vocal - but they never represent the actual majority)? How "many" actually were good PvPers? Finally, how "many" exactly listed "class balance" for their reason to cancel their account?

As I said, SWToR loses clients not because of class balance, but rather because of severe the lack of endgame content, and being slow and inflexible in terms of fixes for systems that don't work and polishing systems that do work.
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