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Defensive, are we now? Not really going to dissuade you. Believe what you want, if you're warm and comfortable behind the massive wall of strong opinions that you have constructed. I'm comfortable with my playing experience of several 50s, Marauder and poor underpowered Commando included, and that experience tells me that the entire "Marauders are OP" thing is just another "nerf" bandwagon.

But as I already said, their defensive cooldowns could use a bit of trimming. Other than that, it's the "RetPaladin syndrome" and nothing more.
Sorry to inform you but those are opinions of 2,2+m that left the game. Many of them were PvPers that laughed at what BW was doing.

We knew BW balances the game by "bad" factor back in Jan, what we didnt know then is that they would be dumb enough to continue it over teh stellar results and "awesome" game noone wants to play.