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Sorcs/Sages and Snipers/Slingers are known to be the best classes to deal with Maras (maras are crying about the bubble break stuns them). Even operatives/Scoundrels can just "vanish" and run to survive.

Why Marauders have better and more defensive CD's than Juggernauts/Guardians? That has no logic. In WoW terms it would be as Warriors Fury having more defensive CD's than a Warrior Tank.
Kinda bugs me as well. Most tank CDs in ToR are pretty unimaginative/unimpressive, to be honest. The only one I really like is Shroud.

To be fair, though. Without those cooldowns, Marauders are a squishy medium armour class without any "physics" skill, ergo knockbacks, or pulls, and melee effective range. Their main job is to do damage, and to do damage they need to be within melee range, and that means the opponent dictates where the Marauder fights them - not the other way around. That means they're fully exposed to damage and to CC. They need those defenses not to be cut down immediately under stunlock upon entering melee.

However, I do not think they need *ALL* of those cooldowns, strong as they are, baseline.
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