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11.14.2012 , 05:48 AM | #107
Before really putting practive into WJ I really was as skeptical as JP_Legatus on WJ over 31 Deception. Unless your team really need you as a tank or off-tank what greater utility is there to just spit truly high numbers on someone's back ? That "utility" gained from DF is nice but maybe throwing 6-7k shocks on that guy before he can heal/get healed is still more useful.

After a few days of practice, I'd say the best things that you get in WJ are not those that you think of when you check the skill tree or the rotation or even when you play for a few WZ. First, the burst is actually better, in every situation. On the opener, you start with 3 abilites that do over 3K5 damage, and then a potential 5K+ hitter (not counting Assassinate, it's situational and present in both spec anyway. In Deception if you don't open with VS, you only get 1 shock, discharge and maul, all three dealing the same damage than in WJ. You're one 3.5k hitter short compared to WJ, even more against packed opponents.

Now, on the things thare are underrated in WJ, beside by Wakalord in the first pages, is the change of gameplay by having 1 more 10+ m ability. Harder to kite, you're never bothered by a stunbubble again. And you can kite better as well. I'm not counting the times where I near-perfect even without a stun a warrior/knight that comes solo trying to ninja my node any more (really silly to try to ninja-cap by a non-stealth cap you may note, but I'm just saying). So for me WJ is never weaker than 31-Deception, and pulls ahead when Deception is doing poorly, when you're really having this difficult fight against a tough team.