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11.14.2012 , 04:05 AM | #22
As mentioned the hero engine is one thing, but the biggest issue with ilum imo is the horrible design.
If you have a design that causes the whole server to fight at the spawn of the map ofc it is going to lag like hell, I mean cmon, huge map with 3 meaningless and poorly designed objectives. If they had any clue they would have a design that forced people to split up and not all gather at one spot.
Then again BW has done no effort at all to make people do Opvp after ilum, like why do you only get valour from kills on ilum.
How difficult would it be to make a simple kill quest or modify outlaws den in some way. Like make the chests drop something meaningful or have a chance at dropping something really rare.

The rng bag system wasn't that bad, it was just frustrating putting in the same effort as your friends, then watching them get full BM in no time while you got nothing.