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And as to saying the "WoW has been out 7 years so isn't a fair comparison" argument is perfectly valid, you're missing the point completely. It's a stupid argument, because consumers don't think that way. The consumer will think "Where will I get the most for my money? Should I spend my subscription on WoW with all of its content, polish, and regular updates? Or should I spend it on SWTOR which has less content, slower updates, and performance issues?"
I have one question for you: How many NEW players do you think WoW gets these days?

WoW is literally dying as a breed from a business sense because getting into the game is such a huge time investment, most of the experience getting to end game being exteremely bland and horribly boring, that barely any new customers go to that game anymore.

As soon as a product, any product, cannot attract new people anymore, it will eventually shrivel and die. Yes, it will take many, many years for all the millions of customers WoW has to leave the game. But they will, and they already are/have. Most of the MMO player market is filled with ex-WoW players. Many of which will never want to go back to that game again. And TOR is on a lot more radars than many here seem to think.

So to go with your point: "Where will I get the most for my money?"
From tomorrow, TOR. Because you get a full levelling experience without paying a single dollar. What you do after that, is the consumer's own decision again. But new customers will not go to WoW because it is too much to get into these days, and then they will choose between GW2 (which is also doing far worse than many here claim) and spend 60 bucks to get in and then nothing anymore for a rather bland experience, or they will pay nothing for TOR, get a nice levelling experience and then either stick around or head over to another game.

Gamers these days are NOT the brand loyal creatures they were 10 years ago. The rise and fall of every MMO launched in the last 5 years shows this. And the numbers shown for MMO's are very similar to that of any online game really. Millions of people buy it, everyone plays it for a few weeks, then Millions of people leave and a few thousand are left in the online community. Same goes for offline games even.. many people play 1 playthrough of offline games, many don't even finish that. Some stick around and look for that famed 'replayability' as their key factor.

Facts: TOR is still the second or third most popular MMO at this time (It is hard to compare it with GW2 as GW2 does not have equal comparitive tools). It has had very stable activity over all servers except Asia Pacific for the last 3 months (just check torstatus). It will go to a hybrid model tomorrow, which will add new players to the mix. It will possibly also add new features every 6 weeks as promised and, so far since the promise is made, has delivered (your point on slower updates really is hilariously wrong there).
And the final, and most important fact is this: Gamers can still come to this game and be ready for endgame in a few weeks time while having a good experience getting there, not a horrible grind from 1 to 90. And this last detail is why of all competitors, TOR has the better chance in the current state of the market.
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