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11.14.2012 , 04:00 AM | #1
Ok, so everyone knows the mercenary comms were taken away in 1.2 and ppl were even ripped off cuz of it. And i think 1.2 and 1.3 have made the game better but here's ur problem bioware right here going to go free to play cuz no one wants to play yet you took away the award for killing a person in world? why? there is absolutely no reason to go out and hunt for enemies of the opposing faction cuz there's no flippin merc coms!!!! and dont give me that "well people would farm lowbies then" bull crap cuz u can easily program the game to reward you coms only if they are higher or equal to your level. make a toon log in and go to ilum and go to the pvp area ull c at most if ur lucky 2 players in there. also go to blackhole and see that no one pvps there either unless its a huge bored group with nothing to do. people play pvp servers to pvp in the world and they cant do that cuz theres no point learn how to make an mmo properly and use ur logic before u take things out. personally i think this was the worst decision made in mmo history. I was messin around at black hole yesterday and single haded killed 5 or 6 different pubs on different occasions and was like dude. this games needs more world pvp it needs the comms so people go out and do it. put the 3:1 ratio on it again if u have to if ur worried about ur precious crappy warzones not being played. MMOs need world pvp awards or it will fail free or not.