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Hello felow slingers im just wondering if any of you have some good advice for me
im not sure what to do about augments
should i use cunning all the way or half cunning half power or all power Augments
My toon is full BH and im useing half cunning half power im getting 1200+dps at op's dummy
Thx upfront for any good advice
I'm a scrapper, but I hope you don't mind me answering.

Power boosts bonus damage by 0.23 per point of power.

Cunning as the class main stat is base 0.2 bonus damage per point, but assuming you take the boost from the three point-talent at the bottom of the sawbones tree (which all smugglers should, total 9% buff) and have the stat-boost buff from consular/sorc (which you should in warzones and ops, even if you don't have it yourself from legacy, 5% buff), boosts bonus damage by 0.228 per point.

0.2 * (1+(0.09+0.05)) = 0.2 * 1.14 = 0.228.

On just this basis, power would be slightly ahead. However, main stat (cunning for smugglers) also gives you a boost to crit chance. This is separate to the boost to crit chance from the crit stat on gears, so both are on separate diminshing returns curves. Notice where I bolded to differentiate between crit stat and your chance to crit - one isn't solely dependent on the other.

This makes Cunning more valuable than Power for smugglers. If the crit chance from cunning declined enough through diminshing returns (due to cunning getting extremely high), it could fall behind power again when deciding which to get an extra point in. However, this isn't really possible for the current stat levels we have.

TL;DR: get Cunning rather than Power.
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