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But Force cost is insane (at least when DPS specced), and when you have no time to regen your Force pool before the fight it's like gun-shooting your foot.
Works best for healer Sorcs, obviously. Start spamming it at about 15 seconds before the WZ starts (if you have the CD reduction talent). You can even click your regen for a bit to be back at full power after exiting the spawn since for most WZs you don't want to rush in first. Love getting that 2.5k heal medal in the first moments of the WZ after a bubble pop.

Healer Sorcs are in a good place. Hope lightning Sorcs get some kinda love if the bubble gets nerfed.

For you old schoolers, I liked the concept of the speed buff under the old talents but the 20% buff was hardly noticeable.
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