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I honestly don't think its as bad as you guys are making it out to be. There is more crap pugs with pve gear but i have no trouble getting wins imp side esp if i queue with my imp guild but also when solo queueing, sometimes ill get into the situation of queueing into the same nubs in pve gear time after time but the thing is.. this has happened to me on republic side as well...
As I said to you on the fleet Bleez, you run around in a premade 50 group, which always helps. Ive only really returned this week to pvp and I have to agree fully with the OP.

No incoming calls, players not really having a clue what to do in Hutball, bombs planted within seconds on voidstar - the list goes on.

My only 3 wins all day yesterday came when I was part of premade 50s. I work damn hard in pvp but sometimes I just simply give up because no matter how much effort you put in, some fool will always cost you the game.

However. For those who are more experienced at pvp, USE IT. Be aware of ppl on their own guarding nodes. If you see enemy forces charging to the other node - don't just leave the single player to deal with it, go and help. Or, switch and hit the other side(Civil War).

Its all about being aware on whats around you. The amount of times in Voidstar or NovaBore coast, Im trying to cap and team stupid bring the enemy to my position. SMART!