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Stop with all the "SWTOR sucks" crap because it's easily better than 99% of all MMOs.
Hehe. Well that's all down to personal opinion, but if that was the popular opinion then SWTOR wouldn't be struggling to even maintain half a million subs. It's a game with some fantastic potential, but come on man, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how unpolished the game is compared to its more popular competitors. Micro-stutter, camera issues, ability delay, etc, all contribute to give the game a "feel" of being average in quality. Try switching between WoW, GW2, and SWTOR, and you'll notice these little performance issues.

And before you say it's my PC, I run on a SSD with an i7, 16GB RAM, and two GTX 560 Ti's in SLI, and although the framerate stays at 60fps almost constantly, I still get regular micro-stutter. The camera issues affect everyone regardless of hardware.

And as to saying the "WoW has been out 7 years so isn't a fair comparison" argument is perfectly valid, you're missing the point completely. It's a stupid argument, because consumers don't think that way. The consumer will think "Where will I get the most for my money? Should I spend my subscription on WoW with all of its content, polish, and regular updates? Or should I spend it on SWTOR which has less content, slower updates, and performance issues?"

If you're going to release ANY product that is competing with others, you can't get away with making it inferior and expecting a free pass just because your product is newer. If anything, people expect newer products to be better.