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11.14.2012 , 01:52 AM | #13
To Deebs- for buying the training dummy, so I would not have to.

To Claudia- for teaching me how to say "please don't smash my face" in Portuguese.

To Donna- for the free fashion advice you gave me while I was trying to kill you.

To Baron Deathmark- for clearing up any questions I had about Hutt anatomy.

To that guy who defended snow for the whole game- I don't remember your name, but you did the job nobody else wanted to do. Thanks.

To that guy who stayed stealthed in their endzone for the entire match- I don't remember your name, but we were down 5 to 0. You can come out of the endzone now. It was a nice thought, but your services there probably won't be required.

To Zuz- for having a short name with no weird characters. /whisper Zuz This is not the node you're looking for.

To Annarose- for showing me that cross-faction love can exist. I'll go light-side for you.

To Recruit Gear- for making me feel better about myself.

To Zarkun- I know what you did. I saw. If you don't want everyone else to know, you'll look the other way while I cap west...

To Churb- I somehow pulled myself into the fire while trying to kill you. How is that even possible?

To Lauraligh- I bet there is a datacron up there.

To SOA- tell me again about Korriban and how you ruled things.

To- Cannot Do That While Stunned.

To Akuryu- I PVP with this guy literally ALL the time. In fact, I've never won without him.