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I bought the game upon release and really wanted it to be my new home after the underwhelming cataclysm expansion.

I enjoyed the leveling process, the companion relationships and the moral decisions made while questing.
I enjoyed being able to decide, for example, between sleeping with a sith or honoring a quirky jedi
I enjoyed the fresh designs of space sci-fi and the coolness of having my own ship
I enjoyed how the characters have strong personalities and how immersive the game can be

I did not enjoy how poorly this game ran on my pc compared to just about every other game I have

Get a better PC. It runs just as well as other games on my PC.

I did not enjoy 3-5 min load screens

It only takes 30 seconds, tops, on my PC. Its sounding more and more like you have a crappy PC, or just don't know how to upgrade/take care of it

I did not enjoy the stutter every time I dismounted

What stutter?

I did not enjoy the boring rotations of certain classes, and the copy paste skills classes share

You must bore easily, it would explain why you came back from WoW.

I did not enjoy having to do the world quests over and over and over again just to get to the few mins of fun class quest lines.

Again, you bore easily.

End game looked boring and unoriginal

See last two answers, I don't like repeating myself

Lack of customization after creation. NO barbershop, no paid character transfers, no appearance change

Then get it right the first time. I remade a lvl 50 and started again. You only need patience. World of Warcraft took 6 YEARS to introduce character customization. You just lack patience

Ive been away from this game for many months now. I've seen the dev team and leadership all change hands. Many who championed this game at launch are long gone.

How would you know that the "championed" are gone, you just said you've been gone from the game FOR MANY MONTHS.

Unlike them, I return to give this game one last shot. Mists of pandaria is a damn good game and if this game fails to impress me then i'll simply jump into free to play during wow down time. However you can prove to me that the game is worth my sub by fixing the perfomance issues and adding the following

If you liked Mists of Kung Fu Pandas, its because WORLD OF WARCRAFT HAS BEEN ONLINE FOR OVER 8 YEARS!!! This game will take time to improve as well. Did I mention your lack of patience?

-Less mob density. I cant explore the planet if every step theres 8x8 rows of mooks lying around

This game is easy mode compared to most MMOs. If the mobs are giving you trouble, I suggest that MMOs are not for you.

-Make the zone locations more memorable: there are so many codex entries detailing parts of the planet, however these areas have nothing going on in them. I'd love to be able to find cool things to in nar shaada for example. Maybe some twilek dancing, pazzak and other minigames. Give life to the planets.

Yeah. Patience. You really lack it.

More communication: if you can't release new content every month, then at least let us know whats going on every step of the way. Blizzard has my love because they come off as very sincere with their players. Bioware never says anything, leaving the faithful with nothing but blind hope

You've not poked around the Dev tracker much, have you?

-The rest: Out of mop i love the tiller dailies ( logging on to freshly grown crops is a daily sense of accomplishment), I love all the small scale content from improved faction grinds to challenge mode dungeons to pet battles. Swtor from the start should have been designed with more in mind than the typical mmo experiance. We have done that for years, we want freshness ideas. Space combat is a start, and should be expanded upon. Find a way to make it multiplayer for starters

In other words, you think SW:TOR should have opened like a polished MMO that's been online for 8 years.

I wish you luck bioware ( and much love), but seriously this is it for me. Your own lead producers, devs and top employees have bailed on this game, what does that say to the players who invested in the product? Many of us are wondering if this will end up being warhammer online in space.

Speak for yourself, you don't speak for the rest of us, as much as you wished you did.
I'm a Founder as well, and never left the game.