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11.14.2012 , 12:17 AM | #106
I did specifically say wakajinn is great for off node civil war as any non idiot would Los you, I said that in my last post. That's the only wz I'd run it in though since lightning is fine in voidstar and for the most part novarre coast. For huttball it seems like 23-1-17 is Jesus spec so I wouldn't even bother doing dps when you can just run snare and fire pull.
As for wakajinn keeping up with deception in actual damage it's just not true, I've run both specs extensively and the outcomes match the predictions.
I know you're not big on damage and I have a guildie who has been in wakajinn for awhile now because he refuses to ever have DF missing from his bar, but there is still something to be said about killing people faster than you would otherwise allowing you to move more freely earlier to help elsewhere. The difference in damage will actually do that.

Anyhow it's a decent spec for alderaan and I'm going to leave it at that bcuz I'm tired of this thread.

Btw the guide you wrote up at the op was really good, it'd be nice to see more stuff like that from fellow sins.