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11.13.2012 , 11:30 PM | #6
One piece of advice I have to throw in is: join a guild!! I can't stress this enough. This will help you with all of your above concerns and many more you haven't even though of yet.
Have a question about where to get good gear for your class/level? Ask in guild chat.
Need help getting through a tough quest? Ask your guild for help.
Can't seem to get a group together for a flashpoint (instance)? Ask your guildies to join you.
The best part of MMOs isn't the gameplay itself: It's the gratification of meeting people, making friends, and participating in collective accomplishments.
Which guild is best for you? As a start I would suggest joining the biggest guild that will have you. This maximizes the potential you will find people on when you are, and will be willing/able to help you out.