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I really don't get the UR hate - it just doesn't break down under any logical scrutiny at all. At least I haven't heard the logic...

What's the difference between UR and a 4-second hard stun ability (assume, hypothetically, that a mara has a choice of either)?

With UR the mara is getting cc'd, taking a little damage (no joke - I've died several times from damage while under UR) and the mara is swinging away (if he's not cc'd). So far so good.

With a 4 second stun the mara is swinging away, not taking any damage (you're stunned) - he can't be cc'd by you (because you're stunned) _and_ he's getting healed if he has a healer on him, omg.

Ah, you say... but I can pop my trinket ability during the hypothetical mara 4-second stun. That is true - that's one def every two min (or so) to stop this hypothetical stun. But, you can always stun or kb or root/snare a UR affected Mara or you can vanish/sprint away or pop heals/defenses of your own or do any number of things - lots more options vs the UR mara - almost all with lower cooldowns than the trinket vs the stun.

Are healers afraid of maras running up to them and hitting their UR button? NO (they would -laugh- and hit you with a dot if you pulled that in a 1v1). As a mara, I would much much much rather have a 4 second stun than UR. UR is nice because it lets you pretend your a god when you're fighting 5 people and got them all to focus on you but it's a very short-lived feeling.

And let's not forget that while a stun never costs the caster of the stun anything, the caster of UR loses half his health. That is not something you spam for fun.

Note, if we're talking about a 2v2 or a 3v3 or a 4v4 situation and the mara is getting heals while popping UR every 45 secs... why are you attacking the mara at all (or -any- dps) and not the healer(s) and/or tanks?
Your argument is so dumb I'm not sure I should respond to it, but I will. A stun doesn't prevent a person from getting FFed, which is what kills people in pvp. GBTF on the other hand prevents you from getting FFed. People hate GBTF because it is a guaranteed 4 more seconds of life when being FFed. 4 more seconds is a long time in pvp because that means 4 seconds u can hold an objective longer, kill someone else, or be healed.

You do have a stun, its called force stasis. Yes it is a self stun and channeled, but it does pretty good damage. Other classes stuns may be instant, but theirs don't do much damage at all. That is the trade off.