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i get it, i really do.

you play lethality dps. you want it to be viable at pvp. it won't be. it will never be. a class that is based on DoTs is good for PvE but horrible for PvP. You want to fix the class? Take away the DoTs. Now you have a concealment operative.

Lethality needs work, but not for PvP. It needs work because it is the hardest rotation to juggle. A typical fight has you trying to keep your stim up, corrosive dart applied, corrosive grenade applied, weakening blast applied, TA's gained through shiv and then cull. Compare this to a Powertech where it is "apply dot, railshot, proc, railshot" or Jug where it is "sunder, dot, sunder, smash".

If you have managed to juggle the lethality rotation with all the different cooldowns, kudos to you. The funny thing is, at high level PvP, *any* spec is viable, just not optimal. I run all sort of crazy specs, including lethality, and still win. Because, to be honest, knowing how to counter other classes is way more valuable than your class being optimal.

What valor level are you? What is your rating?
I don't play an Ops so I can't really comment much about it, but your argument that dot based classes are horrible for pvp simply isn't true. Warlocks in WoW are a dot based class and they are definitely one of the strongest pvp classes when I was still playing.