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bubble burst stun is OP for a couple of reasons. One it doesn't add the proper resolve from the stun, so you can stunned multiple times from the bubble stuns without even getting full resolve. Two, it should only apply a stun from the healers own bubble not anyone else casted on it, because its is a 2 sec stun that doesnt add the proper resolve and if more people realized they can active the stun before the bubble even bursts by just clicking on it.

That being said it is only really OP against melee classes, and its becoming increasingly common to have 8 stuns going off (a cluster**** of stuns) because the whole team has been bubbled attacking a node or defending it.
Avmuse let's talk about OP,but first

1. Solution to cc bubble? Range it down with blade storm or play vigilance and just lul as you resist all stuns on charge.
2. They die

Now let's talk about OP.

You cant be charged while crouching and still able to use all your healing abilities? ***?!
Stun Bubble < inability to charge a healer cuz its crouched

Also what makes scoundrels impossible as a marauder/sent to kill if you're worth a ****
Removed rotation helper because I like idiots that don't know how to play their class <3