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Things will get better with gear and augments. But I find engineer to be the most useful for wzs. It's not a smooth character to play. No rotation per se. Although explosive probe with cluster bomb activated by series of shots will down right destroy people. As engineer you can top the damage chart quite often by putting entire groups into a healing deficit. You can easily stack 3 AOEs, and your main aoe has a slow (and no gap in cool down). When geared this is huge dps. Healers cannot keep up with it. Have two engineers together and 6k dps is possible without a high crit rate.

It's a tree built on protection/prediction/deciding where a group of enemies is headed. It can be great in hutball. Make a team walk through your aoes to follow the ball carrier or sit in them while they wait on one side of a fire trap. Tossing 2.5k aoe grenades is rewarding too.
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