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11.13.2012 , 10:00 PM | #7
This has mostly been my thinking as well. However, changing to 27B mods does not really affect my mitigation by a lot. 1.5% absorb. which for a 1000dps incoming amounts to 5 damage mitigated.

however the 172 endurance is 1720 HP+ a small inc to self heal still outweighs the 5 mitigation i get from 1.5% absorb. and this is making me undecided.

if I was not already over the softcap for absorb, I would say yeh stack mitigation, but as I am already over the softcap, maybe its not as obvious.

Anyone wanna run numbers through this

/me points to theorycrafters

Also, I am only swapping out mods if i need to. I am not going the whole endurance stacking. The hp difference between the 2 scenario for me is 1720 hp.