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11.13.2012 , 09:18 PM | #35
I have read quite a few posts on this topic and I feel like adding my 2 cents worth. I also miss everything that came with the old game expansion... (Jump to LightSpeed). The PVE, PVP, Mining and being able to customize your ships yes I said ships (being more than 1). I also enjoyed not having my flight skill affect my character level and vice versa. In SWTOR they gave us amazing stories, companions to help us when we want to solo play, the ability to group easily with others when we want to but I do feel they failed on the space race at least up to this point. They gave us an escape pod on our ship but made no use for it I cant help believing that it's there for something that may not be out yet but is in the works for coming out. What I would like to see is exactly what SWG gave us seperate my pilot ranking and character level even if its just something that I change in my preferences, open space exploration and flight even if the graphics for it is less amazing than they are used to giving... because the space missions that they have now really does have some amazing scenery and is probably very difficult to maintain on a neverending open space area. I also think that PVP space missions would be something else, I can imagine a FP style introduction to a PVP event where space dominance is actually the goal. Personally I am a Bioware fan and enjoy their stories and games, I can understand that this is their first MMO and that therer is room for error. I think most of all what BW really needs to learn is that gamers especially those that play MMO's are very demanding and dedicated to those games that have and give them what they want. I think that Bio begins to really understand this we will get the things we really want like off the rollercoaster.