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Hi All,

Let me start by giving you my current stats. I have always been very high mitigation and it has worked well for me. I have cleared all content till date and this is ore of a prep for Thursday.

My stats atm are:

Fully buffed+exo stims

24452 HP
27.9% def
48.97% shield
63.56% absorb

I have been lucky enough to learn robust 27 and robust 27B mods so I can craft as many as I want for each.

The problem I have is all this talk of EHP vs Max mitigation has me undecided on what I should carry into NiM EC.

At this point I have 8 mods that are robust 26. I am going to replace all 8. However, I cannot decide if I should go with 8 27B mods(56 end 34 absorb) or 8 27 mods(34 end 44 absorb) or mix and match them.

As I am already sitting on 63% absorb, If I use all 8 27B mods, I lose 1.46% absorb but gain 172 endurance. Absorb gets hit pretty hard after 60. losing 1.5% absorb with my 49% shield and 28% def means I am losing 52 MPS(assuming 100 hits where each hit is 100 dps) which looks minuscule compared to 10k incoming damage.

However, the extra 172 endurance does not do a lot for me imo.

was wondering if some of you would like to suggest what might be the best way to go for Nim EC