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If nothing else, it would make that scene where the hookup goes for male IAs so much less hilariously weird.

Watcher 2: [pulls Agent off to the side] That op went well, eh?
Agent: Yep. Nice workin' with you, Watcher.
Watcher 2: Right. Mind having a private word? [pulls Agent into a dark, private area]
Agent: [looks at Watcher 2]
Watcher 2: [looks at Agent]
Both: [stare awkwardly]
Watcher 2: So. That op went well.
Agent: So you said.
Both: [stare awkwardly]
Watcher 2: Well then! Good talk. See you around. [vanishes in a puff of awkwardness and smoke]
Agent: Er. Bye?

It's like, sometimes when I play this game and I meet an NPC, some brief line of dialog or a bit of a flirty demeanor will make me think to myself, "hmn, I wonder if this is a FTB opportunity for a male PC?" And then sometimes it's Watcher 2 and I'm like "wow this entire conversation does not even scan if you take the really obviously missing sex scene out, does it."
That's kind of funny....I haven't played a female agent so I never knew what goes on there. Though I do know that she approaches human and alien agents quite differently. She's very speciesist!
I think she'd be a great SGR character, though. Oddly I think she's probably got the most interesting romance and she's not even a companion. And maybe they'll actually add something for her in the future :/ she kind of leaves you hanging.
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