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What he probably means that threat from damage is not as good, but that's not how tanking is generally done in SWTOR. You generate threat by doing your high threat moves, then taunting. Most threat generation is done via taunts. Taunting when you already have threat only increases your threat. High threat moves have a threat multiplier and do not rely solely on damage. If your taunts are constantly on cooldown, you are unlikely to lose threat.

Many main tanks are full defensive, and it certainly makes sense when doing difficult content. It's probably easier, in fact, because it was designed for tanking and includes some high threat generation moves. In general, hybrid specs can be made to work, but they frequently require more care.
Actually threat generation in SWTOR isn't built around taunting. Taunting just provides a 30% boost to current threat. As such it provides a way to build threat and once sufficient threat is on a boss it makes everything else largely irrelevant. This is why most people only care about the first 20-30 seconds of a fight.

The difference between Hybrid and Full Defence Build at Campaign level is about 150 DPS and about 100 TPS (threat per second). Combined with the higher survivability from Commanding Awe and reduced CD on Blade Barrier, the Hybrid really comes out ahead. However, the learning curve of the Hybrid is much steeper. You need to learn not only how to tank, but how to manage your much sparser resources. However the payoff is worth it.
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