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I like what deception can do and the recklessness/lightning combo is enough range node stop for me.
It definitely has its limitations though. First you have to have your Reck buff available, and they have to be in LOS (not hiding on the other side of the node). Wasting your Reck buff to stop a cap can really hurt you in the dps when you don't have it available for your Shock/Discharge. Sometimes when teams have someone on their team capping they will turn to go cc defenders, some teams will zerg the cap so that a defender has interrupt the caps one at a time and maybe get lucky by not getting targeted. In Novare Coast utilizing Force Lighting to slow down capping a turret is pretty much pointless if there are many people turning the turret. Deathfield is by far the best cap stopper in the entire Assassin arsenal. DF can reach around the corner for the LOS'ers and it can take out 3 people at once when trying to turn a turret in Novare Coast.

To say that "Reck/Lighting is a good enough ranged cap stopper for me", is basically saying you don't give a **** if you win or lose. There are just way too many situations that would make Reck/Lighting useless.