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Because what this forum needs is even more of my blathering.

Behold the tale of Aggerton Warwiggins, brother to our own Warrior Sevasht Warwiggins. Aggerton is an Imperial Agent, because a Force-blind Sith Pureblood is the sneakiest, easiest-to-blend kind of guy imaginable.

Just imagine I could actually draw this.

A cantina on Hutta. Imperial Agent Aggerton Warwiggins activates a secret channel on the holo. Keeper appears, standing at his usual parade rest.
- frame: Aggerton keeps staring. -
Aggerton: So, uh. You're the boss.
Keeper: Yes. I'm so glad that's the intellect that graduated top of his class during training.
- frame: Keeper looks disapproving and slightly angry. -
Keeper: Get used to this face, by the way. You'll be seeing a lot of it.

Keeper: Your role as secret agent gives you the unique ability to talk in funny voices.
Aggerton: !
Keeper: I expect you not to abuse this.
Aggerton: Utini! pew pew pew Keepuna!
Keeper: Perhaps I should have said, I had a faint desperate hope you would not abuse it.
Aggerton: Roight, yes, guv'ner. This'll be awesome!

- A small dingy room on Hutta. -
Text overlay: A local contact helps coordinate a cover identity...
Jheeg: Agent = Red Blade. Red Blade = notorious pirate.
Aggerton: Okay, great. Where's the blade?
Jheeg: ??
Aggerton: I'm the Red Blade. Shouldn't I have a red blade?
Jheeg: Aggerton = blade. blade =/= blade
Aggerton: …Are you sure? You better be sure.
Jheeg: blade =/= blade
Aggertion: Hmph. Fine.

- A small dingy room on Hutta. –
Jheeg: Red Blade = bribe Nem'ro
Aggerton: Wait a minute. I'm making up a huge disguise so I can bribe Nem'ro to join the Empire? Wouldn't it make more sense for an, um, Imperial, to bribe him to join the Empire?
Jheeg: Empire = sneaky?
Aggerton: Jheeg, ten years ago we punched into the Republic's capital city and set everything on fire. "Sneaky" isn't in the mission statement.
Jheeg: Invasion = failed miserably. Intelligence = sucks less?
Aggerton: All right, all right, I'm going.
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