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11.13.2012 , 06:21 PM | #1
Warrior vs Merc

Warrior Leaps + Smash

Mercs Counter Used To Be: Try to Jet Boost after the leap but right before smash so you don't get hit by it.

Merc can no longer do this because smashes activation time has been increased to be faster and mercs jet boost is so slow that there is no point in knocking back the smash warrior anymore because it wont prevent any damage, and most likely you will be force crushed slowed after the smash so you wont be able to get away or stop the smash from hitting you.

Also, cleanse removes 2 negative effects, so if a merc is pyro spec, 1 cleanse can remove all their dots stopping them from doing their already low and horrid damage in pvp. Please allow pyro dots to be uncleansable or maybe interrupt caps for the 1st few seconds.

Just adding another flaw to the merc class for developers to see.