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There is really no such thing as class balancing. If every class was equally balanced, what's the point in having 8 to choose from? It's no secret to anyone that mercenary is in uneffective PvP class. To say that they are unusable would be a bit of an overstatement. There are better classes to play, and everyone is welcomed to play one. If you've done the work to top with one class, legacy makes it fairly easy to continue on. Leveling to 50 isn't a long, or difficult trek at all.

Serious PvP is an extremely hardcore endeavor. When you have 8 people in one team, consulting on how to get better, each person playing specific class combinations is inevitable. It may be that your main is a sentinel, however, your teammates know you are better at healing. So they ask you to play a healer class instead.

I assure you that having 8 sentinels on one PvP team is not a sound strategy. It wouldn't even be a sound strategy if you went 4 sentinels, and 4 healers to keep them alive.

They may have overpowered defensive CDs. They may even be the easiest class to play. Truthfully they're one of the most ineffective in a warzone. Considering the high demand for mezs and stuns, it's simply not tactical to kill everything when you can stun to easily achieve your objective.

Sentinels won't do a good job at trapping people in acid, or fire. There's no way to conceal their presence on a node. And if you manage to actually cripple a sentinels HP to such a low level where Guarded by the Force is a benefit, the odds are pretty likely they will die. Because if not, they wouldn't have activated the ability to begin with.

They have almost no escapbility. They can cloak, activate a movement boost, and run, but they will be leapt to and cut down like anything that will uncloak.

If you do not kill them, they will chase and cut through HP like a knife through butter. Without superior equipment, they won't win a 2v1. Much less a 3v1. Not against people who are versed in how to micro manage their cooldowns. Rebuke is the most useful one. Saber Ward means nothing unless you're being targetted by force powers. Namely lightning. And Guarded by the Force means you are aware you are going to die, you just refuse to do so for 4 more seconds. In some cases, you will before those 4 seconds are up. While the damage reduction is extremely high, if you are being targetted by several people at once, their attacks may be enough to drop you anyway.

Hardly what I would consider a god mode. You really need to be smash spec in order to cause significant damage without centering stacked. Let's also not forget that even though you are given 6 immediate attacks, you probably won't get them all off without needing to use a basic attack, a force stasis, or a zealot strike. Only a basic attack if the rest are not on CD.

Given, sentinels are incredibly powerful. But they do what they are intended to do. Whether it's easy, or hard, it's irrelevent. There's no false idea about unless you truly believe they are "hands down" the best PvP class.

They probably are the best PvP class. By no means is it hands down, though. I would say in some cases, guardians are even better. Situation pending, of course.

Fortunately, warzones aren't a DPS race. So it's kind of irrelevent how much damage you do if your team ends up losing. And the funny part is, no warzone actually even takes into consideration how much damage you do.