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Quote: Originally Posted by chuixupu View Post
They should make it Watcher 2, then we all win!
If nothing else, it would make that scene where the hookup goes for male IAs so much less hilariously weird.

Watcher 2: [pulls Agent off to the side] That op went well, eh?
Agent: Yep. Nice workin' with you, Watcher.
Watcher 2: Right. Mind having a private word? [pulls Agent into a dark, private area]
Agent: [looks at Watcher 2]
Watcher 2: [looks at Agent]
Both: [stare awkwardly]
Watcher 2: So. That op went well.
Agent: So you said.
Both: [stare awkwardly]
Watcher 2: Well then! Good talk. See you around. [vanishes in a puff of awkwardness and smoke]
Agent: Er. Bye?

It's like, sometimes when I play this game and I meet an NPC, some brief line of dialog or a bit of a flirty demeanor will make me think to myself, "hmn, I wonder if this is a FTB opportunity for a male PC?" And then sometimes it's Watcher 2 and I'm like "wow this entire conversation does not even scan if you take the really obviously missing sex scene out, does it."